Benefits ofOrtho-K
The numbers speak for themselves

77% proven effectiveness in slowing down myopia progression and 3,000 successful treatment cases.

Below is a host of benefits that our state-of-the-art Ortho-K technology offers:
Wear Ortho-K lenses like you would a pair of regular contact lenses. This method of vision correction is a great alternative for children or people who are adverse to surgery. Our youngest Ortho-K patient is just 4 years old!
High Customisability
Every pair of Ortho-K lenses is customised specifically for the wearer. We use an advanced Myo-Control technology which maps the eyes’ details accurately to create a personalised pair of Ortho-K lenses for your child.
Safe & Effective
Our Ortho-K lenses are made from a highly breathable, gas-permeable material which results in increased comfort and reliability.
Great Convenience
No more cumbersome glasses or daily contact lenses! This means great convenience to our patients’ daily lives, including people who engage in sports or work in a dusty or dry environment.
Titus Eye Care offers you the best in eye care with our fully-qualified orthokeratologists, state-of-the-art eye care technology, and personalised care and service.